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Comparing prices and quality of the medicines suggested by brick-and-stone drugstores one cannot help but pointing out that they are much cheaper when purchased online without affecting the quality of the offered medicines. Also, you can buy Viagra generic and save even more money, as it is a commonly known fact that Sildenafil (another name for generic Viagra) costs much less due to the prime cost of the medicine. The absence of necessity to invest into researches and promotion campaign considerably affects the price of the final product. Here we need to mention that when you buy Viagra you actually buy the same medicine, as Sildenafil and brand Viagra are identical in terms of their chemical structure and medicinal effects, purposes, etc.

If you are interested in other sildenafil based products, you can opt for Kamagra Jelly, Viagra Super Active, Viagra Professional and other such drugs. Their difference lies in the uptake period and the length of the time during which the effects are preserved. Most commonly Viagra is to be taken 30 to 60 minutes before the planned sexual contact; the patient is able to have sexual recharges and stay sexually active during the ensuing 4 hours. The erection can only take place upon relevant sexual stimulation. Quicker recharges, brighter impressions, prolonged sexual acts and boosted stamina – these are the ways in which you improve your sexual life with every taking of Viagra.

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The advantage of Cialis as compared to other medicines aimed at boosting libido is that Tadalafil (the main medicinal component of the drug as well as another name for generic Cialis) starts acting after as little as half an hourafter the intake and remains active during the ensuing 36 hours.

Before you buy Cialis without prescription you should consult your practitioner about the compatibility of the drugs you currently take with Cialis therapy. Mind that certain drugs like the so-called “poppers” cannot be taken with Cialis and other male enhancements. Also check for all of the possible side effects to know if there is a need to discontinue Cialis therapy instantaneously – which only happens in a limited number of cases.

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